#RainbowSnippets – 5-20-18

This has been my most unproductive month this year! Was out for five days with the stomach flu (and I loathe puking, ugh) and then I’ve been wrestling with this book. I managed a whopping 7k this month on it and it was frustrating me. A couple friends suggested I shelve it for awhile…so as much as I hate picking old projects back up, I just keep beating my head into a wall. LOL.


#RainbowSnippets is a Facebook group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation.

This weekend, I’m gonna share a snippet from Following Chance, which was a fun little novella I wrote to dip my toes into the shifter/mpreg genre. Never in a million years did I think I’d like mpreg, let alone write one, but it was a blast and Huxley and Chance have a spot in my heart ❤

I missed him. A year seemed like forever, and yet it wasn’t very long at all. I missed his laugh and his whispered “I love you’s.” I missed his teasing grin, his stupid fucking knock-knock jokes, and I missed the warmth of his body against mine every night. What I would’ve given for one more day. For a chance to say goodbye. How the hell had I made it a year without him? 

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