Loving Soren

Loving Soren
Shifters of Greymercy #2

Loving Soren


Not every stag is bold enough to break up a wolf fight, but when I saw who was being attacked, I had to step in. I’ve had a thing for the sweet young wolf for months, and if that wasn’t temptation enough, he’s right on the edge of his heat. I told myself years ago that I’d never take another Omega to my bed, but Soren has me breaking all my rules. One night won’t hurt, right?


Of course, the Alpha that saves me from my deranged uncle has to be the yummy older guy I’ve been crushing on for months. And apparently, the feeling’s mutual. But the best night of my life turns into a nightmare when I realize I’m pregnant. Hunter made it clear that he doesn’t want a child–or a mate for that matter–but he’s the only Alpha I’ve ever trusted…

40,000 words

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