Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart
Northpoint Wolves #4

Cross My Heart Ebook

A wolf longing for love
A human terrified of what he’s become
A moment that changes everything
This is the calm before the storm


With Westwind breathing down our necks and the threat of the Dreadhunters on the horizon, I shouldn’t be worried about finding my mate. It’s kind of silly to hope that love’s still in the cards for me, yet here I am. Waiting. Wanting.

But what happens when you stumble across your fated mate dying, bleeding out in the woods? Would you let him go…or would you risk everything for a chance at a happily-ever-after?

Except now it’s painfully obvious that Sawyer hates my guts. For turning him into a monster. For saving him.

Is it possible for the fates to get it wrong? For my perfect match to be straight?

Or is Sawyer hiding something darker inside his guarded heart?

54,000 words

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