Rescue Me

Rescue Me
Sheltered Hearts #3 

rescue me ebook

Crippled by a hate crime, author Thiessen Ward moved to Sundog Park to get away from his past—and to try and heal emotionally from the loss of his boyfriend, Bo. Despite his best friend’s attempts at setting him up on blind dates, Thiessen is quite certain he isn’t interested in dating…until a chance encounter with someone tall, dark and handsome tickles his fancy and melts away his writer’s block like a popsicle on a hot summer day.

But he isn’t looking, right?

As Sundog Park’s only veterinarian, Jory Crosswind is always busy, but is he too busy for love? He’s just dipping his toes back into the dating pool when he’s propositioned by one of his regular clients. Go on a blind date with the eccentric Thiessen? Why not? He doesn’t expect to fall hard and fast for the skittish man, who takes two steps back for every step forward, but he can’t deny the attraction…and neither can Thiessen.

But can two men with painful pasts come together and make a brighter future for themselves? Or will old ghosts hold them back?

67,000 words

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