Following Chance

Following Chance
Shifters of Greymercy #1

Following Chance


On a rainy April day, exactly one year after my mate’s death, I take flowers to his grave–and come face-to-face with his twin. The fox’s eyes are haunted things, an Omega on the run from his past. Homeless and broke and on the verge of his heat, he needs help. What kind of Alpha would I be if I turned him away?


I’m so tired of running. When my brother’s mate offers me a place to stay, I can’t turn him down. I have nowhere else to go, but accepting Huxley’s help means I’m putting him and his family in danger. When Bones finds me, he’ll slaughter anyone in his path.

My savior seems so certain that he can keep me safe. I hope he’s right, because there’s life growing inside of me now and every day I spend in Huxley’s arms gives me hope for a future.

For a forever…

38,000 words

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