November Update

Depression is a bitch. It grabs you by the throat and it pins you to the ground and it messes you up, and you’re left feeling shaken and exhausted to the bone, with no creative mental energy, what-so-ever.

The good news is, I think I finally found a med-cocktail that works! I’m writing more than ever and I’m getting super excited about the upcoming year!

2018 is The Year Of Getting Things Done — and published! I’m starting from scratch, a new name and a new me, but I hope that in time, people will love my books (and my boys) as much as I do.

In July, I wrote a short story about a pride parade’s kissing booth meet cute, where the two guys who used to crush on each other back in high school finally meet again. It’s called The Kissing Booth and it will be a free read that I’ll pop up on Instafreebie here soon.

In October, I wrote something that I’d planned to be a standalone, but it turned into a series. This story poured out of me–73k in 39 days–and I laughed and cried along with these two men. They’re my favorite thing I’ve ever written, in all the years of writing that I’ve done. It’s title is Little Infinities and it’s the second chance story of a rockstar and the model whose life he saved, several years prior. (Plus I’m now 22k deep into Book #2 of this series, going strong!)

Lastly, Second Chances (Sheltered Hearts #1) is getting one last edit sweep. I’ve got a cover. I’ve got a blurb. I’ve got a plan. Since it’s a Christmas story, I want to get it out into the world for the holidays, for anyone who needs a smile and some holiday cheer. Check back soon for details.


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