July Update

When I fall off the wagon, I fall off hard LOL

No but seriously. I finished Second Chances (Sheltered Hearts #1) at the end of May and June was a bust (I dabbled, but didn’t get anywhere on any of my current projects).  I managed about 20k on a YA project for my original pen name and then boom–radio silence, static in the brain. Nothing, nada. Third shift sucks, yo.

So I turned to brainstorming. I re-read Second Chances and fell back in love with the characters, and that made me come back to ruminating on the issues I had with Kit and Hemi–and I /think/ I managed to figure up the hangup that made me come to a screeching halt on Three Dog Night.

I also think I might’ve figured out how to FIX the issues (yaaaay!) as well as came up with motivation and plots for books 3 & 4. FINALLY A BREAKTHROUGH!

Here, have a cookie ~

“It’s ok. Hey. Actually… I know you’ve just moved back. Any chance you need a job?” He flashed an innocent smile.

Ky looked taken aback for a moment. “Is that a trick question?”

“No. I mean, hell. You saw my assistant. She’s sick and without a photographer, I’m sunk. You know how many little kids are gonna be heartbroken when they find out Santa isn’t gonna be there this year? All those little kids…just like Hope?” He was practically begging, but he didn’t care. “Please? You were always so good with a camera. I’m desperate here.”

Ky groaned, but he was grinning. “Is the elf suit optional?”

“Ehh…” Nikolas tilted his hand back and forth a little.

“Damn it, Nik. You know I look awful in green.” But that wasn’t a no, and they both knew it. “When do you need me?”

“Uh. Tomorrow morning, nine AM. I know that’s short notice, but—”

“Yeah. I’ll be there,” he said softly. “I owe you.”

Nikolas shook his head. “You don’t, but thank you. You are a literal lifesaver.”

“I think you’re misunderstanding the word ‘literal’,” Ky said dryly.

“I don’t think I care,” Nikolas replied with a smirk. “Nine AM. Thank you.”

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