Cover/Blurb Reveal – Three Dog Night

I’ll admit, this book ran me through the ringer. I started it in January of 2017. Got partway through, panicked that it sucked (self-doubt kills, yo) and shut it down…for nearly six months. In that six months, I re-outlined and tried to start again so many times and each time I couldn’t.

Finally, in January of 2018 I told myself, enough was enough. Finish it. Sheer determination and stubbornness got me a finished first draft at 89,000 words. I shoved it in a “box” and didn’t look at it again for six months. Needed to let it cool.

And would you believe, it wasn’t the steaming pile of horse crap I thought it would be? Glory god, hallelujah! In fact, with a little elbow grease, I think it turned out pretty good. Is it my best work? I don’t know. Maybe? Maybe not? That’s for the reader to decide. I hope that you’ll like it, though 🙂

Here’s the cover and blurb. Three Dog Night will be released the first weekend of July 🙂 While it’s technically book #2 in the Sheltered Hearts series, Second Chances was more of a prequel. Each book stands alone, though cameos from previous books appear throughout the series. Enjoy!

three dog night ebook-2


Kit Grayson doesn’t do people. All he needs is solitude and the companionship of his dogs–or so he thinks. But when he rescues a stranger caught out in the weather, there’s something about the sorrowful young man that strikes a nerve and Kit finds himself offering him a place to stay. It’s only for a couple of weeks. What’s the worst that could happen? Besides, Kit’s always had a soft spot for strays.

Hemi Tembrook is down on his luck and grieving the recent death of his brother. He can’t exactly turn down the offer of free room and board, even if his new host is grumpy and a bit anti-social. But it soon becomes apparent that there’s more to Kit than meets the eye. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy…or that there’s a gentler side to the man that he reserves only for Hemi.

As attraction sparks between them, Hemi’s determined to thaw the ice surrounding Kit’s sheltered heart, in hopes the man might see their potential together, as friends and as lovers. Because with each stolen kiss, Hemi is certain of one thing– this could be it for him.


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