Cover Reveal: Little Infinities

Currently working on finishing edits for Little Infinities, so I figured why not drop the cover and blurb? 🙂 This book was my heart project, it literally flew out of my fingertips and I love Sebastian and Apollo so hard. They’re probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written and I’ve been writing since my teen years.

little infinities ebook
On my darkest day, a handsome stranger saved me, but one look into his eyes and I knew he was broken, too. I promised myself that one day, I’d find him and thank him, but what do you do when your savior turns out to be rock god Sebastian St. Crow?
I’m about to find out…
On my darkest day, I found someone who needed help maybe even more than I did. Someone whose pain echoed mine, and in that moment, I’d wanted to save him. I gave him a second chance–but forgetting the beautiful young man with those haunted eyes was next to impossible.
I can have anyone I want, but I want him…and I think he wants me, too.

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