First time #RainbowSnippets

Popping my #RainbowSnippets cherry today. Found this nice little six-sentence LGBT Facebook group through a new-to-me writing friend (everyone wave to Nell Iris! HI NELL!) and I decided to give my hand at it.

#SecondChances is a sort of ‘prequel’ novella that will start off my small-town MM contemporary romance series. Sheltered Hearts will be a series of stand-alone HEA novels set in an idyllic little town called Sundog Park, and each of them have to do with pets (be it rescues, shelter animals, or just dogs and cats as pets in general) and the men who are blessed with their companionship.

Second Chances tells the story of Nikolas Steele III who runs a sort of Santa’s Workshop thing–yes it’s a Christmas story–and the series of events that follow his ex-boyfriend’s return after six years. Ky Kendall had his own reasons for jumping ship…but both of them seem to be drawn back to each other and they find themselves hoping for a second chance at love and happiness.

So here we go! (I think it might be seven sentences–oops!)

For a moment, all Nikolas could do was stare at the man, whose expression twisted up, almost painfully rueful as their eyes met and held. He didn’t look away and Nikolas couldn’t. He was trapped there, transfixed as his pulse began to jackhammer, shattering every last thought in his mind in rapid succession as he gazed at the dark-haired man who’d walked out of his life six long years ago.

“Hello again, Saint Nikolas,” he murmured.

Niko swallowed around the lump that was fast forming in his throat. Even though he stood right there, right in front of him, smiling despite the world-weary lines etched into his face, Nikolas couldn’t believe his eyes.

Ky Kendall was home.

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